The Must-Have Dishes

Organic Black Angus beef Carpaccio (Produced in Ireland) (served with organic pesto sauce or organic truffle oil)

Focaccia with summer truffle


DS_STREET_FOOD-7964-72DPIOrganic Black Angus beef burger (Produced in Ireland), served with organic burger bun (and French fries)

Organic chicken burger (Produced in France), 100% chicken breast, served with organic burger bun (and french fries)


Lebanese Platter

DS_libanais-8947-72DPI Assortment mezzes (organic hummus, organic moutabal, organic maghmour and organic falafels)

Organic marinated Chicken mini-skewers



DS_VOLAILLE-7792-72DPI Organic Black Angus sirloin steak (Produced in Ireland)

Organic Black Angus beef tenderloin (Produced in Ireland)

Organic Chicken Supreme (Produced in France)

Organic Lamb Shoulder  (Produced in Ireland)